Leverage Exclusive Branding to Discerning Affluent Club Members & Homeowners

Every successful business owner knows that the secret to a successful referral-based business is maintaining the center of attention. Staying in front of your most lucrative customer contacts makes all the difference, and making a great impression is extremely important for your brand. We provide comprehensive solutions that elevate your brand and capture the attention of the affluent and privileged elite whose lifestyles demand only the finest products and services for their families and in their homes.

Increase Lead Generation, Conversion Rates & Generate More Repeat Business

Stand out from the sea of mediocre social media posts, newsletters, e-mails, postcards and fliers.

As a luxury brand, you understand how stiff the competition can be when promoting your brand to new and established customers alike. The ubiquitous nature of social media and other content platforms has created an overload of messaging which has increased the importance that luxury brands be more creative with their communications to increase customer retention. The high-quality content and beautiful design of our magazines ensure that each issue is not only read, but it is shared, displayed, and read again and again. Our custom strategies increase your business by creating a customer fan culture, increasing lead generation and increasing lead conversion rates while targeting only the highest earning households.

Our Exclusive Luxury Home & Affluent Lifestyle Magazines

No one works harder than us to improve your brand awareness, lower your customer acquisition costs and increase your lead conversion rates within your targeted local affluent markets.

Member of The Institute for Luxury Home Marketing

There are thousands of luxury communities across the country. It pays to know your target market and how best to market to them for the most ROI. Our magazines offer you an exclusive opportunity to brand your services to a discerning affluent market at a cost that otherwise would be difficult, if not impossible, to accomplish individually. We deliver creative that gets a response while also supporting your brand and aiding awareness. We are data agnostic using proactive list sourcing and leverage our vast network of data providers to ensure we are mailing to the right audience for your product or service. We are always implementing new strategies and technology to give you a competitive edge and ultimately increase your customer acquisition and conversion rates. 

Member of Who's Who in Luxury Real Estate

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Our client's results speak for themselves.

“I was at the office one day when a man walked in with one of my magazines. A friend of his, who I have on my Luxury Home & Lifestyle Country Club Magazine mailing list, handed him my magazine and said to contact me for his real estate needs. I printed out some homes this man was interested in. He looked at just one house and bought it. It had to have been my easiest deal yet. I truly believe if the magazine had not been available to hand to someone, he would have never known about me.”


Pam W

Sea Coast Exclusive Properties

“I have tried social media advertising, buying leads, billboards and I have to say that Luxury Home & Lifestyle Country Club Magazine has outperformed decades of other forms of advertising, by not only improving my brand, increasing more quality leads and closing more deals. This was my second year of mailing it to past clients and my sphere of influence, after I dropped all other paid print advertising.”


Beverly H

Re/Max Premier

“Last year was my record year for repeat and referral business, and I do attribute part of my success to marketing with Luxury Home & Lifestyle Country Club Magazine. It helps me keep in front of my clients, and I think it’s a really nice piece. I am not a huge fan of print advertising, but this magazine has proven that it brings results, and I have seen my return on investment. This is the one product I rely on to connect with my clients.”


Paul K

Berkshire Hathaway Home Services
“A real game-changer for business owners! The Luxury Home & Lifestyle Country Club Magazine promotes my brand as being exclusive to a discerning few which helps me to close more deals and retain more business. My sales conversion rates have increased into double digits and my leads are more qualified. I get a great ROI for a small investment.”
Mary Kasenberg
Cleveland Capital